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Peel-n-Stick Antimicrobial Film Zinc Based
Anti-Bacterial(Microbial) films are specialized to prevent the spreading of bacteria
like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Klebsiella pneumoniae, by 99.99% by using ZnO (ZincOxide).  The main ingredient - ZnO - is authorized by the FDA. (ZnO) is widely used for the food additive, cosmetics and medical supplies and it can be applied for a variety of uses which need public hygiene.
Roll Size:
15.75” x 100 linear Feet
Core: 2”
Base Film: PET
Choose Adhesive Level For Your Application
Grade A: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Super Clear PET base film
Applicable Anywhere Easily With a Self-adhesive
Grade B: Hyper Adhesive
Super clear PET base film
Stronger Adhesion then Grade A
Applicable for Curved Surfaces
Grade C: Replaceable Adhesive
Super clear PET base film
Easily Removable Self-adhesive
Suitable For Frequent Replacement
Finger Contact Transmitted infection
We do protect people who using Touch-screens (Panels) at Kiosks in reception, 
Check-in machine at airport, hospital, school, bank and ticket machines,,etc 
and also every touch-screen systems in restaurants, department stores, 
supermarkets,,etc of many application by simply attachment of our Anti-Bacterial (Microbial) Film as below.

Hospital Acquired Infections
One of advantage for our Anti-Bacterial (Microbial) Films are ideal for 
prevention of HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection). Strains of bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, which is a serious public health issue. 
Our film is an excellent solution of infection control in hospitals and medical 

For Graphic & Packing Industry
Our Anti-Bacterial (Microbial) technology is being applied to the Graphic and 
Print Finishing business industry to prevent finger contact that has been infected. 
Easily applied via peel-n-stick to menus, catalogs, books, packaging, etc. or any printed media 
that will be continuously handled by different individuals. 

 Our Anti-Bacterial(Microbial) films also can be used for applications such as:
 - Touch screen & Switches
 - Hospitals and medical centers
 - Public properties
 - Bank and Institutions
 - Schools
 - Button of Elevators
 - Restaurants
 - Clean Rooms
 - Food Processing Facilities
 - Appliances, etc.

Sourcing, Designing and
Inventory Logistics-
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From the Competition

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