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Anti-Virus Pouch


These materials will kill viruses by 99.94% after 30 minutes.
Fact checking
  • Anti-bacterial products can be effective in deactivating various bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Cheever is the only certified PET products to eradicate both viruses and bacteria, effectively.
  • Our film eradicates 99.9% of the VIRUS & BACTERIA such as COVID-19, SARS, MERS within 30 minutes.FAQ For Antivirus Film for Copper and Silver based Film
What Sets It Apart
The only anti-virus
films certified by ISO 21702
  • Tested at Fonderephar in France and Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center in Japan
  • The only PET based film certified by ISO 21702
Robust effect
on anti-virus and bacteria
  • Contains more silver
  • Thicker than other silver film products (e.g,105mc vs 60mc)
A variety of product portfolio
  • Distributes both silver and copper-based products
  • Developed world first silver-coloured films
  • A wide range of the application at home, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping centers, and public facilities
Excellent durability
  • Protected from external shocks and scratches effectively
  • Surfaces are processed coating with hardness of 3H
High transparency
and anti-glare
  • The high transmissivity assures excellent transparency and vividness.
Effective anti-fingerprint
and anti-shatter
  • The special coating eases removal of fingerprints or oil stains and protects users from damages
One and only PET-based
anti-virus film
  • PET is eco-friendly, safe to humans and recyclable while PVC emits dioxin when it is incinerated.
  • PET maintains clear and clean status, but PVC becomes decolourised.


1. 105MIC Silver Clear (Anti-Glare) - Adhesive type: 

  • Designed for normal touchscreen such as ATM, kiosk, touchscreen in the machinery (Not suitable for IT mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet PC and larger IT screens.) Acrylic medium adhesive is used.
  • There is a hard coating on top of the antivirus coating and it offers anti-fingerprint, shatter/shock proof, anti-scratch functions which are the key requirements for touchscreen.
  • The hard coating gives longer durability (6months to 1 year)
  • Anti-Glare(Matte) type is a standard one for touchscreen applications thanks to the advantage of low reflection and eyesight protection. Some customers prefer a clear type for the application, but the portion is less than 20%. Anti-Glare(Matte) PET base film is over 30% more expensive than clear PET base film.
  • Recommend for flat surfaces such as tables.
 2. 105MIC Silver Clear (Anti-Glare) Non adhesive type:  
  • Recommended for buttons areas such as elevator, copy machine, ATM and so on. Adhesive type film looks untidy and doesn't last long enough due to empty space between the film and the button areas.
  •  A user can fix the film onto the target surface by adhering tape (one side or both sides) on the edge of the film.
  • This is more recommended when a professional installation team installs the films. Often, end-users find the installation by using tape difficult.
 3. 60MIC Silver Clear - Adhesive
  •   It is a clear type - Its hazy level is lower than Anti-Glare Clear (Matte) type.
  •   Since it use strong acrylic adhesive, it is recommended t for generic use apart from touchscreens
4. 200MIC Silver Color film - Adhesive
  • High-end surface protection film and Highly versatile.
  • Silver Color Printed on the film: Single colored film
  • Excellent for non-flat surfaces such as round-shape doorknob as well as flat surfaces thanks to high flexibility. (All other Silver & Copper Films do not perfectly work for round-shape surfaces.)
  • It is the most flexible type film since the film is a lamination of PET and Nylon (highly flexible and high-price material)
  • "Air-Free" treatment by grid patterns on the film for easy installation and longer adhesion.
  • Displaying "antivirus & antibacteria" on the film.
5. 160MIC Copper Adhesive
  • The most cost-effective option and it is for generic use.
  • It must not be used for touchscreens due to adhesive and film color issues.
  • Less preference compared to silver type due to color issue and lower durability.
Also important to know is the correct adhesive for the right application of film.  We use three different types of adhesive listed below

1. Acrylic - standard(strong adhesive)
  • This is the most cost-effective option and most antimicrobial & antiviral films use the adhesive in the market
  • It must Not be used for mobile devices  such as smartphone, table PCs and PC monitors hat are delicate and highly sensitive since strong adhesive normally damage electronic components and conduction of the device, shortening the lifespan of the device.
  • Strictly speaking, it should not be used for normal touchscreens such ATM, kiosk, ticket machine, touchscreen in the machinery, etc since it can damage the touchscreen also.
  • Our copper film, 60mic Silver Clear and Silver Color Film use the adhesive. The adhesive is great for most applications except for touchscreens.
 2. Acrylic - medium adhesive
  • This is specially formulated acrylic adhesive designed for normal touchscreens such as kiosk, ATM, ticket machine, touchscreens in the machinery and so on.
  • This is 2-3 times more expensive than standard acrylic adhesive.
  • This adhesive also must Not be used for mobile devices such as smartphone, table PCs and PC monitors that are delicate.
  • Our 105mic Silver Clear (Anti-Glare) film use the adhesive. This proudct great for normal touscreens and flat surfaces such as tables.
 3. Silicone - soft & self adhesive
  • This is specifically for IT devices such as smartphones, table PCs and larger IT screens that are delicate.
  • This is around 5 times more expensive than standard acrylic adhesive.
  • We use only IT grade silicone adhesive produced in Korea or Japan since the quality of silicone adhesive  affects the lifespan of mobile devices.
  • Our silicone adhesive even works well with fluorine coated displays that become more popular also, while standard silicone adhesive often do not stick well with the coated surface for a long time.
  • We apply 25mic adhesive instead of 15mic that is the market standard in order to eradicate the "rainbow effect" that distorts the true image on the screen and can harm user's eyesight.
  • Our mobile screen protectors films use the adhesive.


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