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In the apparel industry, specialty paper and film are frequently used in the manufacturing of clothing pieces, from seam reinforcement to the manufacturing of elastic. To ensure your clothing, footwear, and undergarments are the highest quality, you need the right paper and film for the job.
Cheever Paper & Film supplies the materials you need in the exact size, thickness, and coating required.


When manufacturing clothing items like footwear, a glue is used to form the shoe. In order to do this, the glue has to be spread onto a specialty paper made with the right coating. The paper needs to stick just enough to hold the shoe in place during manufacturing, but allow for easy release once the shoe is finished. This method is used frequently for running shoes and construction boots.


Heat pressed zippers feature an adhesive around the edges that allow the zipper to be attached to a piece of clothing using heat instead of sewing. To ship these zippers, however, a release liner needs to be placed over the adhesive until the zippers are ready for assembly. These liners are made from a specialty paper that sticks to the adhesive, but can be easily removed.


Specialty paper is used to create materials that provide the stretch and structured needed for activewear and intimates. The paper and film are laminated together using a special glue in repeated layers until the material becomes structured, but elastic. This elastomer tape can be used in a range of configurations to create clothing unique clothing designs.


  • Outerwear: hiking, skiing, mountain jackets
  • Seam tape, overlay film patterns and colors
  • Seam reinforcement tape
  • Intimates: swimwear, undergarments


We offer a range of capabilities to ensure you get the exact materials you need for your application. From designs assistance to holding inventory, we work closely with our customers to meet their needs while saving you time and money.
To learn more about our materials and capabilities, contact us today.
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