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For the building and construction industry, having durable, reliable materials is extremely important. Whether you’re installing a roof or wrapping a home, the materials you use affect the entire construction process.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film supplies specialty films, release liners, and other papers for the building and construction industry.


For self-adhesive roofing and flooring, release liners are used to transport and install materials. They need to be durable enough to hold heavy construction materials, but they also need to be easily removed during installation, even in hot weather.
Cheever Specialty supplies release liners with special adhesive designed for easy removal of materials, leaving no residue behind.


When parts are packaged, they are covered in a specific, protecting oil and then wrapped in paper. Kraft paper can be used for protecting the parts in the packaging and keeping the oil from getting all over the box.
Cheever Specialty supplies Kraft paper in a variety of coatings and types to provide the protection your parts and equipment need.


Specialty paper and film from Cheever specialty are used in a range of building and construction applications, including:
  • Cement carry type bags and packaging
  • Liner board, grease proof paper and boxes for protective part packaging
  • Films for form-fill-seal (FFS) applications
  • Heat sealable extrusion coated papers & non-wovens for flooring and roofing
  • House wrapping for wind and moisture protection
  • Foam insulation facings
  • Geo-membranes that protect for Radon and Methane Contamination


Cheever Specialty offers a range of specialty paper and film, including Kraft paper and release liners, and we will work closely with you to find the right material for your application. We also offer inventory holding, lowering your costs and making inventory management easier.
To learn more about our building and construction specialty paper & film, contact us today or request a quote.
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