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Cheever Customer Inventory Program 

The unique Cheever Hold Inventory Program™ (CHIP) reduces your inventory costs with no cost financing of up to 3 months of speciality paper, film or tape inventory.  And while you’re saving money, you’re not giving up control: with our complimentary inventory software you can manage your inventory as if it were in your warehouse instead of ours!


  • Provides free warehouse storage for large quantity orders
  • Eliminates inventory holding costs (see Understanding Your Inventory Holding Cost)
  • Allows client to receive price break on large quantities without being penalized by excess holding cost
  • Prevents inventory cash flow peaks and valleys by eliminating up-front cash requirements


  • Free financing: Eliminate up-front cash requirements for large orders with free financing of quarterly inventory. Let us provide you with a constant “just in time” supply of your specialty paper, film or tape.
  • On-demand supply: We hold up to 3-month inventory, releasing shipments on-demand. You pay only for the inventory released in each shipment.
  • Fast delivery: Our inventory management program provides reliable product delivery within 2-3 days from our warehouse. Same day delivery available in Metro Boston. 
  • Savings up to 40%! Our inventory management program can help you save 25-40% on overall financing and shipping inventory costs.


Thanks to our free inventory software (available by logging into My Account on the website) you can:

  • Lower your inventory costs without giving up control.
  • Receive a daily email inventory report in your inbox or by logging into My Account. The report details what was in stock the evening before at Cheever and at the mill. 
  • Maintain the same control over inventory that you would have in your own warehouse.


Getting started with our custom inventory management program is easy:
Simply provide us with a blanket purchase order for the total amount of inventory for the entire order. We will hold your stock for up to 120 days (with pre-approved credit check.) No invoicing occurs until you begin releasing shipments. We offer reliable product delivery within 2-3 days from our warehouse (depending on location). Our standard credit terms are 30 days net. 


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