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Parchment Paper used in various cooking procedures

Since store brand baking paper and parchment paper often contains low-quality materials it is often unreliable and difficult to use with mixed results. High quality, industrial strength Parchment Paper from Cheever Specialty Paper utilizes only the finest grade materials for our Parchment Paper Baking Products. We can provide a range of Parchment Paper offerings when working with you to define your project, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you.

Contact us for more information regarding our Parchment Baking paper options, or call us at 978-466-5020 and we will gladly assist you with your specific Parchment Paper Baking material questions. Cheever Specialty Paper & Film is your trusted supplier for premium USA manufactured Parchment Paper.


Parchment Paper is an extremely adaptable product with a wide range of general and industrial food applications. Parchment Paper grades that are available from Cheever Specialty Paper include:
  • Bleached and Natural
  • Textured/Treated and Un-Treated
  • Resin Treated
  • Baking/Cooking Parchment
  • Glassine
At Cheever Specialty paper & Film, we offer parchment paper in various roll widths, roll diameters, core sized, sheets, and die cutting sizes.


Parchment paper is not only a serviceable material for baking, it also has many other desirable qualities that contribute to the success of a variety of other industries. The following industrial applications often utilize parchment for everyday use.


Often this paper is chosen for calligraphy writing, or signage that wants to show an older, antique look and feel. It is often, but not always, a natural light brown.


Parchment paper for baking is used to eliminate the need to grease sheet pans etc. thus increasing production of baking products.


Parchment Paper with its heat resistance and low surface energy, makes it a perfect replacement for Wax paper, where this will not burn or smoke at normal baking temperatures.


When non-stick application is needed, silicone or Quilone is coated on the Parchment paper, making for a non sticking baking surface. We can provide a coating on one or both sides with a differential if needed.


This is a technique where food is "steamed" or cooked within neatly closed pouches made from Parchment Paper.


When grease or juices are present in baking etc, a treated Parchment paper offers excellent hold-out from bleeding through.


Tamale wraps, pan liners, candy and taffy wraps, food and meat interleaving, butter and margarine wrap.


Parchment Paper provides a broad range of beneficial qualities that simplify everyday tasks, making them more manageable and providing improved results over other type of material. Some of the direct advantages that parchment paper can provide include the following:
  • Low dust
  • Smooth, protective surface
  • Non-stick
  • Moisture, grease, and heat resistant
  • Even baking
  • Reduces undesirable spreading


25# - 55#


Contact us for more information regarding our industrial parchment baking paper options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Cheever Specialty Paper and Film is your trusted source for advanced quality parchment paper products.

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