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For packaging a variety of pet food and treats, specialty packaging that keeps food fresh and sealed is a necessity. Packaging made from BOPP, PE, and PET provide the strength and durability that bags and packaging in the pet care industry require.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film supplies materials in the exact design specifications you need, whether that be a unique size or a special coating.


There are a variety of bag and packaging types to accommodate different pet care needs. Block or flat bottom bags are able to stand up on their own, providing more printing real estate and allowing the full bag to be utilized.
For large bags of food, however, pinch bottom bags are the best method. These bags can be supplied with anti-skid or low-slip coating, making them easier to move on and off a pallet.
We provide specialty paper and film for all of your pet care packaging needs including:
  • Wet pet food packaging
  • Barrier packaging for dry pet food
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Film lined bags
  • Pinch bottom bags
  • Hot sealed bags
  • Block bottom bags and packaging


Cheever Specialty Paper & Film provides sourcing, designing, and inventory logistics, supplying you with the materials you need while minimizing cost, time, and stress. We work closely with you to understand your design needs and provide materials in the exact specifications you require. To learn more about our material offerings and capabilities, contact us today.
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