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*** In stock today we have the follwoing: ****

7mil Clear PET FILM                                               15mil Clear PET FILM with Protective liner both sides
Width: 60" Width: 48"
Length: 5,000 linear Feet Length: 900 linear Feet
Core: 6" Core: 6"
Approximate Weight per roll: 1,256lb Approximate Weight per roll: 404lb
Quantity Available: 30 rolls Quantity Available: 30 rolls.
Approximate OD: 24" Approximate OD: 17.5"

We are working with our resin suppliers to help source and keep up with the overwhelming demand for PET film that is used extensively for hospital face shields. Common dimensions are below, but we can slit various widths and wind to various lengths.

7mil PET Film, Optically clear with or with out Anti-fog
Widths: 56” and 60” (Master Roll)
Converted Widths: 14” (extra step needed to slit down Master rolls)
Core Size of Roll: 6”
Length per Roll: 5,000lf
OD (Outside Diameter) of Roll: 24”
Approximate weight per roll depending on width between: 1,200lb – 1,350lb
Minimum Order Volume: 5 rolls

We can also offer 10mil and 15mil PET film which are often used for hospital grade protective face shields.  Please see our new blog post about PET film for face shields

Our next run changes weekly, please contact us for next run date..
This will be a first come first serve process.  We want to be total fair and transparent and work with everyone. Unfortunately for payment terms we require pre-payment via an ACH payment or Wire for all orders.  Please contact us with any questions.

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