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Solar panel show the polyethylene film panels


PET film (Polyethylene terephthalate, often abbreviated PET) is the work horse of the polyester film family. It is the most common thermoplastic polymer that is used in fibers for clothing, containers for liquids and foods as well as thermoforming in manufacturing. In textile applications, PET is referred to by its common name, Polyester, but in packaging applications it is almost always referred to as PET.

PET film is used in just about very market segment from Aerospace to Window Treatments. With its popularity it can be sometimes labeled as a "commodity", but do not be fooled. There is technology and chemistry required to produce this "high performance commodity", the more you are educated the more you will realize the cost savings and universal use of this Film, either PET Film rolls or PET film sheets.

We thrive at the challenge of finding the “right” combination of materials for your next project. With so many PET film roll combinations, we have an array of different choices to help you define these decisions, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are commonly used. Please contact us for just a quick question or to discuss your new project - we are listening!!

Click here and we can provide a customized quote for you on this material for your project as well.  We can provide PET Film Rolls or PET Sheets.


Film Grades
Biaxially Oriented
Bubble Extruded
Low-haze matte

Options In Choosing a PET Film
Core size
Roll size
Clarity level (haze)
Coefficient of Friction (COF)
Tensile strength
MD (machine direction)
TD (traverse direction)
Surface treatment and Coating type
Operating Temperature
Coating system and dryer capacity
Printing or non printing

Benefits of PET Film
Dimensional stability
Optical clarity
Service temperature range
Dielectric constant
Insulation breakdown
Water vapor transmission rate
Oxygen permeability
Tear strength
Tensile strength
Specific gravity
Melting point



Used for scratch resistance in appliances, membrane switch overlays, touch screen over laminates/overlay film, labels, and merchandizing and product displays. Will also be used for a UV protective film and adhesive protective film, and as a LCD protective film.

Properties of Surface Protection Film:

Custom colors
UV resistant
Scratch resistant
Abrasion resistant
Chemical Resistant
Antimicrobial - film is treated to prevent a wide range of mold, fungus and bacteria


Every day you step into your car you are surrounded by nonwoven fabric. From seat trim, floor mats, truck bed liners or the cabin air filter, all are made from a nonwoven fabric. The largest use is in the carpeting of automobiles, trucks and planes. Another use in the trunks of vehicles. Where the material can form perfectly to the contour of the truck, providing moisture and sound deadening benefits.

Properties of Printable Film:

Inkjet printing
Offset printing
Flexographic printing
Thermal Transfer
Digital printing


When you had your Tea this morning, the tea bag you threw away was made from a nonwoven. The benefit here is, the tea bag is very strong when wet. The same for coffee filters. When these nonwovens are layered upon themselves, a precise tensile strength can be produced. Other common uses: Baby bibs, cosmetic applicators, vacuum cleaner bags, laundry dryer sheets, floor dusting cloths, cheese wrap.

Properties of Barrier Film:

Moisture blocking
Distinct look and presentation


Just about every small battery that is made, has a nonwoven separator that is needed in-between the anode and cathode. In this case, the separator is lightweight and thin enough to allow ions to move freely from one electrode to another. The same can be found in circuit board. Other common uses: heat and sound insulation, fuel cells, cable wraps.

Properties of an Antimicrobial Coating Film:

Less irritating than talcum powder, less toxic than table salt
Prevents cell multiplication
No instances of resistant bacteria
Non volatile


One of the most cost effective uses of a nonwoven shows up by using the many different variations of wipes. Used in machine shops for oil and grease, as well as baby wipes that come in contact with skin. It is the most cost effective use of a nonwoven due to not having to launder or wash the material. Other uses: medical, industrial, clean-room, bath room.

Properties of an Antimicrobial Coating Film:

Ultimate UV protection
Stability under freeze-thaw-conditions and damp heat
Superior bond strength
Can be Fluorinated or Non-fluorinated


.25MIL - 15MIL


As an FSC certified vendor, you can trust Cheever Specialty Paper & Film for all your PET film roll needs. We offer you the PET film options with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Contact us or request a quote today.
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