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For the safety, health, and efficiency of both patients and workers, medical care requires certified, sterile products. For wound care, sterile packaging, and other medical applications, medical grade paper and packaging film is the ideal solution.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film supplies the specialty medical grade paper your application needs. We work directly with manufactures to supply specialty paper and film in the exact thickness, size, and coating you need.


To ensure the safety of both patients and medical professionals, it’s critical that all medical devices be packaged in sterilized, easy-open packaging. Specialty medical grade BOPP, PET, and PE are used to create tamperproof, contamination-free packaging that is used for medical devices, pharmaceutical medications, and other medical applications.


Medical grade foam is often used in wound care, surgical aids, and device components to manage fluids and protect the area from bacteria. During the application of this foam, medical grade carrier film is used to hold and transport the foam, but, because of its special adhesive coating, will not stick when the foam needs to be removed.


Papers for the medical industry need to be lightweight and contamination-free. For applications like exam table paper, specialty paper is designed with a unique coating that is non-slip, allowing a patient to get on and off the exam table with ease.
Specialty paper is also found in pharmaceutical bags, bandages, gauze, and a variety of other medical purposes. With a special adhesive coating, paper makes it easy to remove a bandage from it’s packaging while maintaining the bandage’s own adhesive. 


Cheever Specialty Paper & Film offers a range of medical-grade paper and film in the sizes, thicknesses, and coatings that you need. We can source the exact materials that you need, as well as hold your inventory, saving you time and money. To learn more, contact us or request a quote today.
To learn more about our specialty paper supplying capabilities, contact us today.
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