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Large roll of Polycoated paper on conveyor belt

Cheever high-performance poly coated paper is engineered to provide the heavy duty protection you need from water, grease, and oil. All of our food-grade poly coated paper is FDA compliant and comes in a range of coatings and grades. We provide our clients with expert guidance to achieve the right combination of materials and conversions for their specific application. 


Let us analyze and improve the design of your current paper or ask us to design something from scratch. We will guide you in:

  • Selecting the correct paper grade: We offer a wide range of poly coated paper coatings and grades.
  • Customizing the finish: We work with you to determine which finish suits your application best. 
  • Creating industry leaders: We curate customized, high-performance poly coated paper that helps our clients succeed.
  • Custom Solutions, Cost Savings: Cheever Inventory Hold Program can provide you with critical cost savings on large orders of poly coated paper. Learn more here


Trusted across industries, poly coated paper is your first choice for protecting metal parts and tools. We source the raw materials and convert them to the exact finished product you need:

  • Custom coatings: 1 or 2 sided
  • Slitting Capabilities: custom slit widths
  • Sheeting Capabilities
  • Die Cutting Capabilities
  • Printing
  • Traverse Winding

Poly Coated Kraft Paper (Natural) 1 or 2 sides
Poly Coated Kraft Paper (White) 1 side
Polyethylene Coated Freezer Paper (Clear, White or various colors) 
Clay Coated Paper Coated 1 or 2 side with Poly (Poly coating both sides makes the sheet lay flat which makes this perfect for a carrier sheet)


  • Matte: Low coefficient of friction
  • Gloss: Poly pressed on - Click here for in-depth guide about "Gloss in Paint & Coatings"
  • Capcote: Ranging in finish from Satin to Semi-gloss depending on PE coating weight. Has a low MVTR due to the elimination of pinholes


Besides providing moisture and barrier protection, poly coated paper also has the following advantages:
  • Durability. Suitable for a variety of uses
  • Protects against liquids such as oil and water
  • FDA compliant. Preserves food when used as a wrapper


Poly coated paper rolls are versatile. They are used in a wide variety of industries and useful for a variety of applications.


Perfect for Bag Closures, Ream Wrap Packaging. Can be used in high temperature settings. Wrapping of heavy machined parts that have been coated in oil or grease for shipping.


For moisture holdout, paint masking, freezer paper, interleaving and electronic applications.


Ideal for meat wrapping, perfect for delis, butcher shops. Poly coated paper rolls can also be used as take-out container liners or liners for frozen foods.


25# - 90#


As an FSC certified vendor, Cheever prides itself on delivering high-quality specialty paper and film at the best price for our customers. With over 100 years in combined experience, our knowledgeable staff welcome unique and challenging projects.
Get started on your next poly paper project now. Contact us or request a quote today.


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