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Quilon paper

Quilon paper is more of a general term for this category of paper. Quilon is a type chemical made up largely of isopropanol. Quilon can be coated on several different types of paper and film substrates. Quilon reacts with polar groups on paper, nonwovens, woven fabrics, leather and other negatively charged surfaces. Where there are so many different substrates of paper to choose from that Quilon can be applied to, it makes a great choice for so many applications.

The most noticeable characteristics of a Quilon treated surface is its water repellency and release properties. When Quilon is used with an aqueous polymer system there is an improved grease resistance. Other characteristics include resistance to water-borne stains and increased chemical resistance.

Due to Quilon being completely water soluble, it can easily be applied to many materials as a water solution using a size press. The FDA has approved Quilon as well as the Meat and Poultry Inspection Program of the USDA. In foreign countries with similar organizations it is approved as well.

There is a wide range of substrates that can use Quilon. We can work with you to define your project, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are some of our offerings and where they are commonly used. Please contact us for just a quick question or to discuss your new project - we are listening!!

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Food separators and pan liners for frozen foods, meats, pastries and candy


Grocery sacks, ice bags, refuse bags, wet-strength bags and cartons for fresh or frozen foods.


Weather resistant wraps for shingles, vinyl tiles and similar building materials, paper cover sheets for gypsum wallboard, release papers for high-pressure laminate manufacturing, separator sheets for pressure-sensitive tapes and labels.


Surgical drapes and gowns, strippable backing for pressure-sensitive labels and tapes.


Shoes, golf bags, luggage, glovers, dry cleanable suede garments, jackets, pillows, sleeping bags


Corrugated boxboard treated with Quilon is ideal for cartons for refrigerated storage. Due to the release property provide by the Quilon, it makes for easy separation of the individual packages. When the package is taken from the refrigerated environment and moved to room temperature, the water resistance of the Quilon prevents any water absorption that condenses on the outside of the package.


25# - 50#

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