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SBS Board (Solid bleached sulphate) Click to Enlarge
Different gauge linerboard

SBS board provides a versatile, environmentally friendly packaging solution for your packaging needs. Whether you’re looking for soap or chocolate packaging, SBS paper offers a hygienic, customizable material to choose from.
Cheever Specialty Paper & Film provides a variety of Linerboard grades, including clay-coated board, poly-coated board, Linerboard, SBS, and Matte board. Often called paperboard, solid bleached sulfate paper is a convenient and useful man-made material.
We can provide a total range of Linerboard offerings when working with you to define your project, all while giving you the option of having us hold Inventory for you. Below are the most common Chipboard offerings.
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SBS board is made from recycled paper that is glued together to form one large material. This type of paperboard falls into the premium paperboard grade produced from bleached virgin fiber. It is a brilliant white in appearance and has a lower stiffness ratio that allows more flexibility in carton design. The surface is very smooth, has great printability and consistent roll-to-roll quality.
It is often available with polyethylene coating for increase moisture and barrier protection. SBS paper is also FDA compliant for contact with most aqueous, fatty and dry foods, making it commonly used in Bakery and Food packaging, Ice Cream packaging, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical packaging.


SBS paperboard is a medium density board with good printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses. It can easily be embossed, hot foil stamped, creased or cut. SBS paper is also hygienic with no smell or taste, making it perfect for the packaging of cosmetics, cigarettes, and chocolate.
In addition to this, SBS packaging provides: 
  • Excellent compression strength
  • Ideal for high-speed printing and filling
  • Cuts and creases cleanly
  • Great ink-holding, making it perfect for printing quality graphics
  • Recyclability 


We provide a wide variety of SBS paper grades to meet all your application needs. When deciding what SBS board grade is right for your industry, consider your printing and packaging requirements, as well as the environmental conditions of your application. Coatings can be applied, if needed, to protect your packaging from damage.


Derived from the Kraft paper making process, Linerboard utilizes the wood fiber, which produces excellent strength properties. Linerboard has high tensile, burst and compressing strength, as well as a roughness that lends itself perfect for printing on.
Linerboard is primarily used for making corrugated paper box cartons, displays, folding cartons and graphical displays. Linerboard can be combined with other corrugated material producing a wide range of capabilities ranging from Bursting strength, Folding strength, Water repellency all in various thicknesses.


This paper features a low stiffness ratio to allow more flexibility in carton design and consistent, bright appearance for printing. SBS paper is often coated on one side with Polyethylene for increased barrier properties. SBS will not degrade over time due to being acid-free.
This is ideal for displays or premium packaging due to its brightness and appearance with optimal ink hold-out. It is used in a variety of applications, including:


This board can be coated on one or both sides with polypropylene. Coatings can be one of the following or different on each side: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and PP.


With various treatments that can be applied, we can work with customers to be able to meet the needs of certain specialized hazardous material.


Because SBS paperboard is such a versatile, strong material that is also hygienic and FDA-approved, it can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries.


SBS paperboard makes for excellent packaging material for several items because it’s very lightweight but stable. Being so light, it adds very little to the cost of packaging. Printing on this material is very effective and is used throughout all of manufacturing from cereal boxes, floor covering, pallet liners to slip sheets.


SBS paper is ideal for making book covers, journals, scrapbooks, and various stationary items.


Because SBS board is so versatile and easy to use, the construction industry has been making cabinet doors, closets and kitchen worktops with it for several years.


With so many grades and thickness to choose from, SBS paperboard is showing up as a cost alternative to medium price wood flooring.


Dating back to the late 1800s, children board games have used paperboard and linerboard as their primary source. SBS paper is also used on dollhouses, playhouses, and building blocks.


.014 - .026
20.5 - 96
11.57 - 10.85
35 - 96


As a SBS board supplier, Cheever Specialty Paper & Film provides high-quality SBS paperboard for all of your applications. We are dedicated to our customer service, striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

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