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VCI - Anti-Corrosion Film & Paper
VCI Paper Used To Prevent Rusting




They are designed to address the many challenges encountered in the long term protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc, and they are available in a wide range of options. It is also possible to completely avoid the use of protective oils and liquids. Simply remove the paper and the previously protected part can be used immediately!
  • Long-time protection of steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc
  • Protection of metals from corrosion during transportation
  • Interim storage of metallic parts between the various stages of manufacturing
  • As interleaves or for the individual wrapping of parts
  • To extend the product life cycle of metallic components and machines
  • To be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient


  • Vastly reduces the moisture transmission

  • Rate <0.01g/sq. meter/24 h

  • Protects from the effects of weather such as sun, rain, humidity, salt water as well as dust and dirt
  • The most reliable corrosion protection process used extensively by companies exporting machinery
  • A long term corrosion protection solution – up to ten years!
  • The desiccant requirement can be calculated based on the duration of your products in storage
  • This low cost solution can be applied to your high end products
  • Simple handling
  • This light weight packaging is easily disposed of after use
  • The packaging is hard wearing against impact, vibration and stacking pressure
  • Your products are residue free after packaging is removed
  • We can design your bag to suit your product packaging requirements
  • Your product is still recognizable inside the high quality packaging


Key considerations when freight packaging with desiccants
  • Complete sealing of the package
  • Ensure care is taken to avoid damage to the packaging material
  • Ensure desiccant is active
  • Pack dry, clean and free of hand perspiration
  • Take extra care when using wood, carton, paper and compound interlayers
  • Seal all potential causes of punctures – e.g. nails, screws
  • Protection of high barrier laminates against mechanical destruction like puncturing or abrasion
  • Avoid water deposits on the package
  • Evacuate remaining air by using a vacuum pump or an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Air evacuation will keep the foil form stable against damage (e.g. wind) and will test the hermetic seal
  • The desiccant should have unimpeded contact to the surrounding atmosphere
  • Calculate a sufficient amount of desiccant
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