Cost of Tree Removal Service

Close up picutre of a man using a chainsaw to cut up a tree that is being remvoed.Every tree removal is different from another. It varies depending on the difficulty and other circumstances. For this reason, it is impossible to give a reliable quote without inspecting the tree and the area around it. Some of the factors that impact the cost of the project are the density of the canopy, the tree’s size, and its location relative to the chipper and truck.

All tree removals are risky and take time. This is the reason why professionals should only do tree removal. With the right knowledge and proper equipment, they can make a rather challenging task look easy and effortless. All experienced tree company has a record of damaging property, no matter how small or significant the impact is because the job is hazardous. Tree removals involve the use of big and heavy equipment, especially with larger trees. Some limbs can crash to the ground due to their weight, and this could cause imminent damage to your yard. Always consider these things when looking for a tree company to hire. Don’t settle for a company that offers low-cost service, instead look for one with a good reputation and credentials to back them up.  

What Affects Tree Removal Costs? 

  • Canopy density
  • Trunk girth
  • Tree species
  • Tree’s location relative to the chipper and truck
  • Ease or difficulty of the terrain
  • Proximity to fixed structures
  • Proximity to power lines
  • Emergency tree removal

Cost of Tree Removal 

The following price ranges are computed based on the tree’s height and other factors such as its accessibility. 

30 ft or less = $100 – $500 

30 ft – 60 ft = $200 – $1,500

Beyond 60 ft = $1,500 or more

Cost Examples 

Here are some examples of tree removal jobs and their costs to give you an idea of how it’s computed. Like what was mentioned before, certain factors can influence the final cost, and this could be different for every tree. You can ask your local tree removal company about their estimate, and they should be willing to provide you with the answers. 

  • $800 for a 40-ft Sweet Gum tree
  • $1500 for 50 ft Black Oak tree
  • $1200 for a 40 ft Ash tree
  • $400 for a 15-ft Black Spruce tree

Optional Stump Removal 

When you talk about tree removal, it means taking down the tree from the base of the trunk up. You will be left with the tree stump that you can choose to remove or leave as it is. On some occasions, the stumps are left to rot over time, but for some homeowners, they opt to have the stump completely removed. It is highly recommended to eliminate tree stumps because they can be hazardous down the road. They can be home to pests and be a tripping hazard for your family. 

Like other tree care projects, the cost for stump removal depends on a variety of factors including the size and age of the stump. It can go as low as $50 for a small, old stump or go as high as $1000 for larger and newer stumps. We also consider the accessibility of the stump on the total cost. 

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, even the healthiest looking tree can fail in the face of inclement weather. The extent of the damage of a fallen tree can be extensive. In this situation, it will be hard, not to mention dangerous for an average homeowner to handle the mess and the damage it caused. If you have a tree that requires immediate attention, you might want to call a certified arborist who is trained and skilled in the field. You can expect a more expensive cost than regular tree removal jobs because your issue needs urgent attention. The tree company will go out of their way, no matter the time of the day to alleviate you from the stress and hassle of cleaning up a fallen tree in your yard. 

  • The urgency of the job
  • Size of the fallen tree 
  • The difficulty level of the job, relative to the tree’s location and other factors such as near structures and power lines

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